Truth about Poker Online Industry! Is it really worth it?

Gambling has always been a controversial field that most people associate with either degenerates or the ultra-wealthy that have nothing to lose. Gambling is about risk, and India has been taught from a very young age to minimize risks. We are a country that likes to make safe choices 12Joker online gambling. And so the image of poker online has always been a sport that is played on shady terraces at night, hidden away from the world. The IPL scandal just brought to light the ill effects of indulging in such activities. But is there a legitimate side to gambling? The answer is yes. 

Gambling is nothing but betting of money or some other valuable item with an uncertain outcome with a primary intention of winning the money or the valuable outcome from the opponent members. The main elements involved in gambling are risks, money and valuable item. They usually bet these elements in a game such as playing cards, etc. and as the possibility of that person winning the game is highly uncertain, a person may end up winning everything or may end up losing everything. Some online gambling includes Casinos, Poker online, and sports betting etc.

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Legalities of the Industry

While gambling is frowned upon in most parts of the world, no one can resist the temptation of a chance to earn an extra buck or have a shot at something from nothing. The United States has an entire city that is famous for its casinos. In India, however, gambling has been restricted to mainly lotteries and horse racing. Other forms of gambling have not yet been legalized. Poker Online however, is a different scenario. 

Legally speaking, online gambling is still in murky waters. It is not technically illegal; however, the government has the power to shut down most gambling sites. The few casinos that have permits are not allowed to market their casinos on the internet or even have websites. Foreign casinos have a few permits to set up online casinos catered specifically to the Indian market. However, even these casinos have to adhere to strict government norms.

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The Hard Truth

Thus, gambling is still a very restrictive market. Despite all this, the Indian gambling industry is estimated to be a $60 billion industry. And online gambling is a big shareholder of this market. The unfortunate truth is that about half of this market is still illegal. 

In all of this, it is hard to find the silver lining in this industry. It seems that it will be a long time before online gambling will take its place in the Indian market as an established and respected industry. Until the online community is able to up its security measures and provide guarantees about the money, the people that gamble for the experience of gambling or those that gamble for a chance at a life changing experience will not find much to look forward to in this country.